Although the Geneva Motor Show is still a few weeks away from getting underway on March 8, most of the major companies exhibiting have already revealed much of what they're going to be showcasing. So, here's an early preview of what to look out for at this year's show.

Test Drive

Hyundai is a motor manufacturer that's certainly not afraid to try something new, whether it's dipping its toe into a new segment of the market or trying out some cutting-edge new technology. Well, now the South Korean automaker has just achieved a world-first by driving a fleet of level 4 autonomous vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells completely autonomously on a 118-mile journey from Seoul to Pyeongchang.

Travel routes

Between Nice and Menton the mountains plunge sharply down to the sea. Running along these heights are three famous routes: the Grande Corniche, the Moyenne Corniche and the Basse Corniche. The first affords the most stunning views, climbing to 1,476ft/450m. The second offers beautiful vistas along the shore; while the third provides access to the coastal resorts.